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Many homeowners with younger children and pets are apprehensive about hiring a professional pest control company to carry out spraying and other pest control operations inside the home. The fear is quite understandable as pets and younger children can be quite inquisitive. This can easily result in them trying to ingest some harmful chemical or getting entangled in bait. While this fear is legitimate, another aspect to this is that for the longest time the term ‘pest control’ has been associated with chemicals that are toxic and harmful. And this notion can raise concerns among pet parents and people with younger kids about how safe are pest control treatments for their children.


This brings us to the most fundamental question: “Are pest control treatments safe around children and pets?”


Yes, they are! It is imperative to know that most professional pest control companies in Burlington or Hamilton serve homes with families and commercial properties with people (and sometimes office pets) in them. With their experience and expertise, they can detect harbourage areas of rats, mice, bugs and insects or to plan where to spray or put traps and bait which will not get in the way of kids and pets. Moreover, by virtue of their detailed and extensive training and numerous years of experience, most professional pest control companies in Hamilton and Burlington have exterminators who have a thorough knowledge of what products to use, the safety precautions that need to be taken when using certain products and how to handle them safely. Moreover, they are trained in how to calculate and administer the right amount of chemicals for the specific pest issue.


All the licensed pest control companies in Canada are required to adhere to the products approved by Health Canada. What this means is that the company is expected to understand and follow all the necessary regulations outlined by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s (PRMA) that provides guidelines for responsible pesticide use.


All these factors play a crucial role in ensuring your kid’s and pet’s safety whenever any pest control activity is performed in your home. Many families choose to opt for DIY ways and methods to get rid of pests and infestations in their home. Typically, with several online avenues that give guidance on DIY pest control operations, homeowners are tempted to try these online techniques and market-based pest control products and baits to get rid of infestations on their own and save exterminator expenses. However, this approach can be counterproductive especially as homeowners may not be aware of the exact amounts and ingredients that they are using for DIY projects and it can be severely damaging if your kids or pets are affected by it.


If you are thinking about getting pest control done and have a family or pets at home, talk to Burlington Pest Control today for a safe and effective pest control practice.