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The presence of rats inside your Burlington home or business can easily lead to a lot of serious problems. Although your first instinct is to deal with the problem on your own, experts will likely tell you to consider otherwise. It takes an expert to find where they are hiding, remove them and prevent them from returning. A mouse can squeeze through a crack the size of a dime and a rat can enter through a quarter size hole.

Burlington Pest Control technicians have been doing rat control, rat prevention, and rat extermination for almost 40 years now. They are experts at finding where rats are accessing your Burlington home or business. We can also look at the entire property and find out why they want to be on your property.

Rats can hide in a variety of places. Sometimes they like basements, but some also like attics and other spaces. Rats seek out places to nest and raise their young. Because of this, rats bring with them a number of problems that make them very unwelcome visitors in your home or business.
Your commercial facility in Burlington is a perfect environment for rats and other rodents to thrive. If you are dealing with food products, health care or other warehouse services, you need to have a rat management program in place to ensure product safety.

Providing effective long term solutions to safeguard your home or business from a rat infestation before these critters get out of control, Burlington Pest Control can keep your Burlington home or business rat free for years to come

Norway Rat
Norway Rats are quite large and like to burrow, therefore build nests in wall voids, underneath sidewalks or decking, and may dig up and nest in vegetation. These rats can also turn up in attics and crawl spaces, though you most likely won’t see them during the day. Norway rats hide in daylight and come out at night. They require water and prefer to colonize near water sources. They mature between two and five months and breed during any month.

Roof Rat
Roof rats are incredible climbers and are often found at higher levels such as trees, roofs, attics and on top of structures. They are highly adaptable and can thrive in almost any environment but prefer to nest in wood piles or garbage. They will eat almost anything available. Roof rats are carriers of diseases that can be transmitted through bites and physical contact. If you suspect that you may have a rat infestation, contact our experts at Burlington Pest Control right away.