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Homeowners may find their homes under attack by pests during any time of the year. When the summer comes around, cockroaches and ants are likely to invade your house for their share of food and water. Wet weather brings other nasty pests like pill bugs, millipedes and sowbugs who enter your home because it is a dry resting place. Silverfish and earwigs typically nest under storage containers and boxes. Spiders like to build their webs behind stacked boxes and stick around to prey on other insects. Throughout the summer, fleas roam outside and might jump on your unsuspecting pets. They can reproduce quickly, creating an annoying and costly problem.


During the fall, ladybugs and flies like to gather on open grounds, searching for warm areas to breed. If they find an opening to your home, they can settle comfortably in your attic or inside your walls.


The winter season can bring rats and mice into your home, which are difficult to exterminate once they are inside. When you want to sleep soundly at night, you will be disturbed by the sounds of creeping and crawling insects. They can cause great discomfort for everyone but don’t worry; there are effective methods to stop nasty pests from entering your home, even without having to use toxic chemicals.


Artificial chemical repellents, though useful at repelling and destroying pests, can be harmful when accidentally touched or ingested by pets or people. Long term exposure to chemical pesticides could harm your central nervous system, causing reactions on your skin and eyes. These pesticides are destructive to our environment as well. They can find their way into your groundwater and contaminate it. The good news is there are toxic-free ways to debug your home.

Sustaining Dryness

Pests usually love damp and wet areas. In particular, cockroaches and mosquitoes are drawn to wet spots. Keep your sink dry so that it does not end up being a watering hole for cockroaches. Wipe away puddles or spills of water to prevent pests from breeding there. Seal leaking pipes and close dripping to stop the arrival of pests and save water.

Sustaining Cleanliness

A filthy environment is usually the main reason for a home infestation. Be sure to wash your dishes and eating places right after use without leaving any spills or crumbs behind. These environments are magnets for bugs. They will love to feed on your leftovers. Empty your trash bin regularly so that it does not overflow. Keep your snacks and other dry ingredients like sugar and flour in an airtight and sealed container so that pests can not access them. Regularly dispose of old newspapers, cardboard boxes and other unused items. Don’t pile them in a corner or it will soon be a place rodents and cockroaches call home.

Fixing a Worn Down House

Now is as good of a time as ever to close up and mend any cracks or holes in your walls. Replace old curtains and clean dusty corners that you forgot about. Patch up and seal even tiny cracks on walls because centipedes, millipedes and ants can easily enter that way. Paint and wash your house once each year to stop spiders from spinning endless cobwebs in the corners of your home. Furthermore, the chemical smell of the paint will drive out other pests from your house.


If after implementing these preventative measures you still find your home infested with critters, contact Burlington Pest Control. We can help rid your Hamilton or Burlington home of pests like mice, cockroaches and ants quickly and safely.