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Cleaning up after a nasty rodent infestation can be quite stressful. Especially as you not only have to deal with the fact that rodents have found their way in your home but also that they are leaving no stone unturned to mess up your space. There are a number of precautions you need to take when it comes to cleaning up after rodents.


One important step is to reach out your local Burlington exterminator and make sure that the rodents have been trapped and any entryways have been sealed, otherwise, you may find yourself cleaning rodent remains every day. It is best to leave a trapping mechanism for at least a week and keep checking it for additional rodents, while simultaneously sealing the entryways. Whoever said that dealing with rodents was easy! Once you are convinced that there are no rodents left in your home and all the entry points have been sealed, it is time to launch a massive and thorough cleaning operation to get rid of the mess these mischief mongers have created in your home. Bear in mind that you may have to probably continue with this cleaning practice right until every last rodent in your home has been evicted.


Before you start cleaning, ventilate the space by opening doors and windows for at least thirty minutes to allow fresh air to enter your home. Begin cleaning their urine and droppings. The next step is to wear your protective vinyl, latex or rubber gloves. Make a disinfectant with bleach and water in a 1:5 ratio and spray the disinfectant on the droppings. Let it soak for five minutes. If you are using a market bought disinfectant, read the manufacturer’s label for information on amount and time you need to use. Using a paper towel, pick up the droppings and dispose of them in the garbage. Once the area is clean, look for items that the rodents may have passed through and disinfect them as well.


The next step is to thoroughly mop any surfaces, floors, etc., with a powerful disinfectant or bleach solution. You can also steam clean or shampoo your furniture and carpet which may have been exposed to the rodent infestation. Wash bedding and clothing with a powerful laundry detergent using hot water if you notice droppings or urine on the bed. Once you have finished the washing and cleaning, remove your gloves and dispose of them. Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap or sanitizer.


Depending on what kind of rodents are present in your home, and whether they are alive or dead, the way they will be removed varies. Although most rats and mice can be trapped and exterminated, many other animals like squirrels and some species of bats are protected by law in many regions.


Whether your pest control services are from Hamilton, or any other part of Canada, they are expected to know the rules and regulations that govern the extermination and wildlife removal guidelines in your local area. If you aren’t sure what kind of precautions you need to take to get rid of rodent issues, call Action Pest Control. Their team of licensed and experienced professionals can help you get rid of your rodent issues within the confines of the local laws and guidelines. You can also consider getting an annual or monthly pest check scheduled if the rodent problem in your property is recurring.