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If you think that you may have a mouse or rat infestation, then there are a lot of ways that you can go about determining it without even seeing one of those little pests. As the weather turns colder, mice and rats make their way indoors. There are many things you can do to protect your home, but mice and rats are very good at getting into any cracks and crevices left available for them to slip through (and they are great at making holes to get in if all else fails). Keep an eye out for these things in your home, especially as the weather begins to turn so that you can jump on top of an infestation before it gets bad.

Strange Noises

If you hear strange noises in the walls or ceilings, then it can be incredibly concerning. Chances are your house is not haunted. Rodents love to scurry up and down walls to get into your attic, which is often a warm and comfy place for them to live (especially if there are cardboard boxes for them to chew through). If you can hear scurrying, gnawing, and squeaking then chances are you have a rodent problem.


You will probably find droppings long before you spot a rodent in your home. They do not like humans and will avoid you as much as possible. Rodent droppings around 3-6 mm long and are shaped like little pellets. They are usually found in pantries and cabinets where there is food stored. Check inside of chewed cardboard boxes and under sinks as well as these are common places. Mouse feces do contain harmful bacteria and diseases so you should be very careful about cleaning them up. A single mouse can make 50 droppings per day.


You may end up stumbling upon a nest somewhere in your home. They will most likely be hidden away, possibly inside boxes in the basement or attic. If you have any bedding boxed away, then you can check in there for nests, just be careful as the mice may be in their nests when you uncover them and you do not want to be bitten by a mouse or a rat.


Rats leave grease stains and dirt marks on the trail between their nest and their food source. If you see these tracks, which are caused by their oily fur, then you have a rat problem and need to seal away their food source and contact an exterminator.

Gnaw Marks

Rodents need to chew as their teeth never stop growing. If they were to stop chewing, then their teeth would grow to the point they could not close their jaw. As a result, you can find chew marks everywhere around your house if you have a rodent problem. You will especially find chew marks on boxes of food (such as crackers, cookies, or cereal).

If you have these signs in your home, you have a rodent problem. Call Burlington Pest Control as soon as possible. We provide pest control in Burlington and can get rid of your rodent problem so you can live in safe conditions once more. If you need an exterminator in Burlington, you need to contact us now!


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