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It is natural to be excited about your recently purchased home. After all, we pour our heart and soul in searching for a perfect home and put all our hard earned money to own it. When buying a home, most people make detailed investigations about the material used for construction, how sturdy is the structure, the amenities and equipment provided in the house, the neighbourhood, the schools around and all such typical details. However, the thought of checking for pests hardly ever crosses our mind unless we observe very apparent signs in the home.


According to a leading pest control company from Burlington, checking your new potential home for less apparent signs of pests and infestations should also form a major part of any home examination. And for this, it is important to involve an experienced and licensed Hamilton exterminator to detect underlying problems, like a termite infestation for instance, in your new home. Although most standard home inspections comprise of an assessment of the physical structure of the home, an infestation investigation typically only focuses on detecting conditions that can result in pest infestations. These include cracks, crevices and presence of moisture in the walls.


Once your pest control expert from Burlington or Hamilton examines your property they will issue a report that will indicate any infestations and the best-recommended course of action. Although pest control companies can easily help you detect infestations signs, there are few things that you can keep an eye out for and detect pest invasion earlier. Here are some obvious signs of infestation in a property:


  • The appearance of mud tubes (these are used by termites to transport food)
  • Darkening of wood structures indicates that there is an infestation
  • Soft to touch wood structures
  • Sawdust-like piles of termite feces indicate an active termite infestation
  • Presence of discarded wings near doors or on windowsills indicating swarmers


Although the above signs are mostly an indication of active termite infestation, it is important for prospective buyers to also keep in mind conditions around the new home that is likely to attract pests in future. When visiting your potential home or new home, look for the following signs for early detection:


  • The presence of firewood in the property which is stacked against their home for easy access – can be a point of entry for termites
  • Open gutters that attract termites and other pests
  • Exposed stumps which are likely to rot can serve to be termite fuel
  • Mulch used too frequently against the foundation of your new home can serve as a source of thriving condition for termites


Although there are many signs of a termite infestation and ways to detect the future possibility of a termite infestation, it is best to get a professional and licensed company like Burlington Pest Control to perform a detailed investigation of your new property to eliminate any existing and future threats of pest infestations. Call for an appointment today.