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When you hire a professional for pest control service, this does not mean that you sit and wait for the service to arrive. In order to effectively eliminate these pests, you need a collaboration between the pest control service and yourself (as the homeowner) in taking action to get the pests out.

Usually, the preparation steps that are required for the homeowner will be the same from all providers, but some services will provide you with a specific list of rules to help prepare. The reason that the homeowner must help prepare is that the service wants to make sure that the treatment they use will be safe and/or not cause another infestation in your home.

There are usually specific steps for each type of pest. Here are some examples of common pests and the general steps to help prepare for a pest control visit.


To help eliminate cockroaches, professionals use gel bait insecticides. This requires placing small beads of gel bait in areas where cockroaches normally go to. Some things you can do to help prepare is to clean your home, and maintain that cleanliness. This helps eliminate any competing for food sources, thus making the gel bait more attractive to the cockroaches. Also, the pest control services should be informed if anyone has any special allergies, is pregnant or is younger than one years old. This will allow them to take any precautions when preparing for treatment.


Like with cockroaches, pest control services will use gel bait insecticides to eliminate small ants. This means placing the bait in areas where ants have been seen feeding or clustering. The bait must be placed on a holder of some sort, and be contained inside a mini ant bait station. Some ways to help prepare for this visit is to clean up any spills, vacuum the floors and storing any errant food in sealed containers.


Fleas are mostly tracked in from outside by your pets or any other animals. When you choose to eliminate them, it is important that your home, your pet(s) and your yard all be treated at the same time. Some things to do to prepare are:

  • Washing all pet bedding in hot water, or destroying it
  • Vacuuming the carpet
  • Mopping wood and tile floors (even along the walls and inside the closets)
  • Clean and vacuum every inch of the furniture


There are ways to get rid of rodents yourself, but if it is found out that there is an entire family of rodents living somewhere in your home, it is time to call a professional. Especially with cold Burlington winters, rodents will be moving their families into your home to seek warmth. A way to help prepare for the treatment of eliminating rodents is to repair any holes in the walls, baseboards or doors.


There are many different species of termites and specific techniques needed to control for each one. However, even with the different species, some general preparation steps include inspecting all areas needing treatment, chosen by the technician. In these areas, move all furniture and appliances at least three feet away from the interior walls. If a closet needs to be treated, remove and/or cover the clothing.

These are just some of the examples of pests you might encounter in your home and some of the ways to help prepare for a pest control visit. By following these guidelines (as well as more specific guidelines provided by your company), you will successfully control and eliminate any pests.


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