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Late spring is when raccoons give birth to litters of two to five offspring. Baby raccoons are unable to open their eyes until they are three weeks old and are entirely dependent on their mothers during their first year. When their mothers seek shelter for themselves and their children, they often choose places such as attics, sheds and chimneys. This can lead to homeowners struggling with raccoon encounters unexpectedly from getting scared or uncovering property damage.

Be Cautious

Baby raccoons are small and may appear cute, but they can be dangerous to people. They can carry a variety of diseases, including rabies, and can scratch or bite. An innocent attempt to help a baby raccoon can be seen as a threat with a seemingly adorable baby or mama raccoon quickly becoming ferocious.


If you see baby raccoons without their mother in your yard, leave them alone as long as they do not appear sick or injured. Their mother is most likely looking for food or scouring the area for a new den. She will return soon, and if she sees you near her babies, she might consider you a threat and attack.

Keep Racoons Away

Raccoons are opportunistic creatures. They choose locations to live based on the availability of food and quality of shelter available. The best way to keep raccoons out of your yard and home is to make the area unappealing to them. Don’t make food available to raccoons by putting out your trash out as close to collection time as possible. Place your bags in metal cans and weigh down your lids or secure them with bungee cords so that raccoons can’t dig through them to search for food and make a mess. Don’t leave out food for your pets or other stray animals outdoors either.


It is a great idea to have your home inspected for potential entry points that raccoons could use to enter your attic or crawl space. If any openings are found, be sure to have them sealed to keep raccoons from gaining access. If you don’t use your fireplace, have the chimney capped to prevent entry from that way.

Racoon Infestation

If you do notice unusual sounds coming from your attic or chimney, notice damage that looks like chewing and scratching or see or smell waste, it could be that raccoons have chosen your home as their den. You should have them removed to avoid injuries to your family members or pets, and they can also cause property damage. But, you shouldn’t try to remove them yourself. There is a good chance that they could injure you and you leave yourself vulnerable to possibly contracting an illness.


Instead, call Burlington Pest Control. Our team has the necessary experience and training to live-trap and remove raccoons safely, repair any damage they caused and to seal off entry points to prevent them and other animals from getting into your Hamilton or Burlington house in the future. Contact us today for an estimate for your raccoon removal.